Currently your scoring staff and equipment sit out in all the weather during races, and our equipment just isn’t made to be out in the weather, dust and mud. Last year was our first big effort toward raising fund for the Series to purchase a permanent scoring trailer.  Last year was a very good success.  AHSCS teamed up with Yamaha of Harrison and Yamaha Motors USA to raffle off a 2016 YZ250X race bike.
We learned two important lessons last year.   One, we could not predict was that a racer would win the bike. The Series Officers had hoped the winner would be a racer and that it would be someone who would continue to show up and race the Series.  The winner really loves dirt bikes but he does not race.  The other lesson we learned was that our age rule completely excluded all of our younger racers.  No one under 18 could even participate.
This year we wanted to try something different and make sure that a racer would be our winner.  We came up with the idea of having a Racer Appreciation Package.  We think you will agree this package is an awesome benefit to whoever wins, and the real winner will be your Series taking another important step toward reaching the goal of having a permanent scoring trailer.  Once enough funds are raised we will use the proceeds to purchase a trailer that can hold the equipment and serve as race registration.  It’s a big goal and we know we can get there with all of us together.
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