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FLY RACING / Arkansas Hare Scramble Championship Series FLY Bucks

It pays to FLY with FLY Racing. FLY Racing is proud to support the AHSCS.  FLY Racing is a premier sponsor of AHSCS  with trail markers,  trail accessories, year end awards and FLY Bucks racer awards.

How to Participate

FLY Racing has created this program to support amateur racing.

All Fly branded products are available with this program. Please visit www.flyracing.com for the complete selection.Fly_Racer

Congratulations, you have just earned FLY Bucks.  The race / event promoter should have given you, the FLY Buck certificate as well as a FLY Buck order form.

Please Fill These Out Completely and Print Clearly

“FLY Bucks” should be treated just like cash in your hand. The FLY  Bucks can be used in your local FLY stocking dealership or can be redeemed directly with FLY Racing.

For the FLY Buck certificate to be valid, all information must be completed in full and clearly, on the back of each certificate and put with the FLY Buck Order form, also with all information completed.

On the order form you will see a space for and substitute part number. If you are willing to accept a different product, in case your 1st choice is not available, put the sub part number in this box.

Now you’re ready to buy some FLY stuff.

When used at your local dealer, you can purchase any FLY branded product and use the FLY Bucks toward the purchase.
Example: You have $40.00 FLY Bucks and you want a $45.99 jersey. You use the bucks and you pay the difference of $5.99 + tax. Unfortunately if you use a partial of a FLY buck there is no “change” due back to you.
Remember, your purchase is not limited, you can buy as much FLY gear, Apparel or accessories, as you need and use the bucks toward the total.
When using the FLY Bucks directly with FLY Racing, the same applies, $40.00 in FLY Bucks is $40.00 in your hand, and all FLY products are available.
Mail the FLY Buck certificates along with the FLY Buck order for to:

FLY Racing
Att. FLY Bucks
601 E. Gowen Rd
Boise, ID 83716

All FLY Product pricing is FLY suggested retail (MSRP) Taxes, Shipping & Handling will apply when necessary.

Congratulations and Happy Riding.